Why Ashfield Mortgage Shop?

Trading since 1991 and directly authorized by the FCA means we have a wealth of experience and operate with the customer in mind who deals with the same person from start to finish and always available to help.. No sales targets to achieve or staff turnover, meaning no high pressure to do a deal at all costs. We are proud to be dealing with generations within families who years down the line trust their now grown up children to use us. Equity release is an area where we are very sensitive to the needs of our clients and make sure it is suitable for them and taking the time needed to cater for their needs

Jim Martin. Owner

The owner Jim Martin started the business in 1991 after having worked for a major banking group. He looked after customers that needed specialist advice and quickly became the go to guy for advice on mortgages for customers, consultants with the bank and even the bank managers themselves. Realising that people could benefit whether with the bank or not by setting up his own company he fulfilled a wish to be in control of his own destiny. Fast forward to today, a directly authorised business with the Financial Conduct Authority, heavily committed to the latest technology, now dealing with the children of the parents who initially supported the company.


Ashfield Mortgage Shop is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.